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  • Patented design push broom delivers big-time cleaning power for big messes & tough jobs inside & out
  • Bristle Seal® Technology features dense short 90° angle electrostatic bristles
  • Available in 18″ & 24” widths
  • We have taken 3lbs off your standard push broom
  • Gets debris the first time with no re-sweeping
  • Ideal for shop dirt, leaves & twigs, pet hair, broken glass, food crumbs, & debris
  • Sleek, ultra-lightweight & easy to use with a gentle “push-pull” motion vs. side-to-side sweeping
*Please note: the bigWISP is a standalone Push Broom and does not include a Dust Pan.

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    Introducing bigWISP

    The Lightest Push Broom...Ever

    • Lightweight Durable Steel

      Using the best lightweight steel bigWISP proves to be both strong and sturdy while reducing the weight of standard push brooms by over 65%.

    • Easy to Assemble

      Using a Philips screwdriver you can easily and quickly assemble your bigWISP in less than 5 minutes using the included instructions.

    • Size Selection

      Available in both both 18" and 24" widths, bigWISP provides flexibility for the size of your space

    • 90 Degree Bristles

      bigWISP's patented Bristle Seal Technology positions bristles 90° from the floor creating a seal to the floor, concrete or asphalt able to capture glass, debris and sawdust.

    Welcome to the bigWISP

    Clean Larger Areas Faster with a 65% Lighter Push Broom


    Proven science. Relentless ingenuity. Fervent passion. bigWISP was created to work hard so you don’t have to. It’s the world’s smartest push broom. Scientifically engineered using lightweight steel. bigWISP gets it all the first time. No more re-sweeping do-overs with your standard push broom. Shorter denser bristles are easier to clean. Safe on most surfaces. No need for chemicals or solvents. Stores or hangs easily.


    Big gain & no pain when hitting big areas. One-handed effortless cleaning with no excess pressure, stooping, or bending. Ergonomic so you won’t fatigue. Less hassle than shopvacs. Faster than heavy and clunky push brooms. Better for quick jobs than messy mops. Like all WISP products, bigWISP’s bristles create a squeegee-like effect against your floor. Two widths provide flexibility to handle big & bigger spaces.


    Effectively sweeps just about any area. Gets dirt & small items cleaned up in your garage, store, or shop. Clear dirt & be ready in a snap to entertain guests at the pool area. Collects leaves & twigs off the tennis court in a jiff. Sweep store aisles fast so they’re ready for customers. Clear away hair around the barber shop chair way fast. At the restaurant, quickly & safely clear away shattered glass, dropped food, & bread crumbs. Get all the floor debris swept up super quick after the fair in the school gym.