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A Sweeping Saga

So you’ve got a messy kitchen floor. You bring out broom and dustpan from say, the closet. Or the garage. Or somewhere else because you can’t really store them in the kitchen. So get started. You stoop and bend and twist and reach. Pressure is getting to your hands. Because it’s hard to get that long-handled wooden broom with frayed, bent, and really gross bristles to trap the mess. You sweep under tables. Around chairs. Tight corners too. Over and over until you’ve got it all in a pile. Now stoop down and hold the dustpan in one hand while sweeping with the broom in the other. Better yet, make it a two-person job. Get someone to hold the dustpan while you sweep and re-sweep and re-sweep again. The dustpan moves a few inches. You sweep. Then another few inches. Keep going. Did you get the whole mess? Almost. Now you need a wet paper towel to clean the dirt line on the floor from the dustpan that refuses to leave. Then clean off the gunk from the bristles, wash your hands, and voila – job well done, right?


No matter what the surface or type of debris, WISP gets it done faster, easier and more efficiently than traditional brooms and dustpans.  There’s a WISP for nearly every mess, inside and out.


  • Bristle Seal Technology creates a squeegee-like magnet trapping debris
  • Telescoping handle up to 51” & down to 29”
  • Low profile & small footprint for easy storage
  • Ultra lightweight yet tough & durable
  • Easy one-handed push or pull motion