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Welcome to the WISP Training for BJ’s. The training time is approximately 30 minutes long, and you might find it helpful to have a WISPsystem and miniWISP in front of you to practice with. Feel free to contact us should you have any questions regarding the WISP or the WISPsystem by calling us at (855) 843-9477 or by email at: info@thewisp.com

Training Sequence

  1. Download BJ's Live Selling Script (PDF)
  2. Watch the WISP Training Videos (8 mins)
  3. Watch the miniWISP Training Video (2 mins)
  4. Watch the Innovation of the WISP (3 mins)
  5. Watch the QVC Demonstration (8 mins)
  6. Read the History/About Us Page (4 mins)

Extending the Telescoping Handle

Connecting & Disconnecting the WISPpan